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Re: Come on In If You're Online And Say Anything: Part III

I had the weirdest dream last night, very atypical of anything I typically dream.

A bunch of marbles (the round glass ball marbles) were acting like cats. They were following me around and I started to care about them as if they were my own pets.

Then I entered this area with tons of wind. I thought I could calm the winds with my mind but I couldn't. The wind blew all my marbles away.

Woke up feeling sad cause I had lost my marbles. I then wondered, why did I dream such a weird dream?

I thought about how my family's been telling me my minds been going ever since I retired and how my dad has cognitive impairment which I think I may be predispositions toward. I wonder if I "lost my marbles" in that dream cause maybe my family's complaints about my brain have been getting to me more than I thought. But why would I turn an idiom into an entire dream? Maybe it was just a dream and nothing my subconscious is telling me.
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