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Re: Strattera with Insomnia

Originally Posted by Hodgo77 View Post
I'm tired all day, from the minute I wake up to the minute I go to sleep at about 9:00pm (sometimes I've falling asleep at 9:00pm on the couch). Then from about 3:00am I wake up and can no longer sleep. I wasn't before I tried the Strattera.

I'll ask the doctor what he thinks about taking the meds at night.

I don't know why but I'm very sensitive to all medications.

Is it Strattera you take and if so what dosage?

Yes it is Strattera I take at 60 mg per day. once daily. I wanted to be on the recommended 80 mg but that gave me pain over the liver area.

You only took 20 mg but the doc prescribed 50 mg. Imo you shouldn't be changing the dose like this. Take the same dose daily. It's a subtle medication but you'll know when it does fully kick in (if it works for you).

It took me around 6 weeks to fully work. My advice to you is, I think, you should just live your life as normal and don't be so concerned about every day. Just let the med do it's job at the dose your doc recommended and in about 6 weeks you'll notice an up turn in mood and less anxiety. The benefits build, just be patient.
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