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Re: Strattera with Insomnia

Originally Posted by Hodgo77 View Post
How long have you been taking Strattera? And your syaing your still sleepy, just not as much as before? But it does improve your focus?

Does it work for any of your other symptoms?

I've been using it for about 2 mounths. Yes i mean strattera made me a little sleepy but not as much as remeron(mirtazapine). Strattera has improved my focus markedly. But it doesn't give motivation like ritalin. For example ritalin had given me energy, motivation to start to study. Strattera doesn't give me energy, motivation to start smth to do. But after i started to do something i can focus very good. Before strattera it was diffucult for me to read even a paragraph. Now, after strattera i can read 1-2 pages.
Ritalin had increased my productivity and creativity (i have developed tolerance to ritalin in 2 weeks, so it doesn't work now). I'm not sure but i think strattera increased my productivty some, but it didn't increase my creativity at all.
I'm inattentive but i have some impulsivity symptoms also. Strattera made me a little more calm.
Shortly; strattera works for focus, impulsivity and maybe productivity much better than what i hoped. But it is certainly not enough solely. I need stimulants absolutely.
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