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Re: Strattera with Insomnia

Does this all make sense?

Ok so Iíve been on Strattera now for about 6 weeks after titrating up from 10mg to yesterday when I tried 50mg just to see if it makes any difference. Iíve also stopped taking ambien as Iíve been feeling so tired during the day and I donít know if itís the ambien or Strattera.

Well yesterday was awful, I was angry most of the day, tired and couldnít motivate myself to do anything. Last nights sleep was so wired, crazy vivid dreams.

So today Iím going to lower the dose to 20mg and stay on that for the next 4 weeks. Iím not going to titrate up or down.

PS I was never given a recommendation for a starting dose, I just wanted to start low as Iím very sensitive to medication.
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