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Re: Speaking

I have the same thing in where the bigger the group gets, the harder it is for me.

For me, it's because I can't handle too much external stimulus and the more people there are, the more easily I get distracted by all the paper rustling, movement, background conversations, etc.

So I can do well in small group settings but can really bomb with larger groups. Preparation is what helps me the most. Having an outline and/or bullet points of things I want to talk about. Questions that I want to ask. This helped a lot at work.

In social gatherings, I have prepared in advance topics I want to shift conversations towards and have already planned some stories to say within those topics sometimes. I also have prepared different ways to shift people to those topics without them realizing I was trying to shift them.

That said, the preparing in advance helps me with group sizes up to about 20 people. Past that (like at the meetup group I went to recently with 60 people), I still can't think straight and can't hear people well or am slow to process what they were saying.
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