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Re: Speaking

You need to differ one thing, there are two different situations:

- You have to speak from a script you have prepared
- You have to speak from the getgo and/or be asked to answer upcoming questions

The first situation you can prepare yourself, thats what helped me. It can be a moderation card with some notes on it, or other things, there are many strategies to this. To this, often comes with some kind of anxiety. It helped me a lot to imagine myself standing there in front and speaking to the crowd. And if you can start right out as first volunteer to do so because if you wait your anxiety begin to rise.

For the latter its a little bit more difficult. Im always nervous too when it comes down to this unprepared form of speaking. Im getting nervous and misspeaking often, loosing my "handrail", or forgetting what i wanted to tell. The only thing here was positive thinking what helped me. Think at some sort of battle, or very striking, think of a soldier waiting for this door to open and infront is war. There is no room for anxiety or second thoughts, its just do or die. This mindset can really help in BOTH situations to boost your self confidence real high and can help you stand above anxiety.

Hopefully some of my words could help you or maybe others with the same issues. It was very helpful for me tough.
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