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Re: How to de-stress / relax in the moment?

I know what you mean about feeling it physically. I find CALM magnesium drink helps, but that isn't too easy for you to do if you're driving, it works best with hot water. It helps me with headaches, that I suspect are blood pressure related.

This other thing I do, I would love if you tried, because so far no one has tried it and gotten back to me. I would do it for anxiety. I discovered it once when I was driving to a party that I was dreading because of social anxiety. I was also really depressed at the time.

What I did was, kept practicing to fake a smile, with all my heart trying to act convincing, (in the car, on my way to the party)...really my goal was to practice a winning smile that could show no trace of any downer emotion and I'd imagine arriving with it. I'd be laughing before I got to my destination because the attempts varied from absurd to ludicrous.
You have to imagine holding the smile as you arrive and go through the party or about your business and you have to really try to be convincing. Of course, dont creep out your family, lol, recommend doing it alone. It lightened my spirit a lot.
It's kind of like with that kind of blatant intention, your body can't hold up the contrast, it has to follow the facial expression, I think anyway.
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