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Re: How to de-stress / relax in the moment?

Originally Posted by sarahsweets View Post
I think deep breathing helps. I know that it seems to be the go-to when people talk about stress but its not so much about focusing on your breathing as it is flooding your body with oxygen which does help you calm down.

I agrree with sarah, take a step back for just a second and try to observ the whole scene. Try ask yourself IF its really worth to be angry about that.

Sometimes meds can raise aggression potential, that what i suffer from vyvanse, not a lot but significant enough.

I can tell you one case of my former behavior if it helps you, mentioned the tipp above:

While driving, many people including my self getting really angry in no time. Today everyone seems to be choleric on the streets. I dont know why but there was a moment like this when i start asking myself: Is it really worth to outrage about this stupid car driver? Why wasting so much energy for that? 5 mins later the next jerk appears and i will rage again. And again. So if i stop now then i dont need to rage again.

And thats what made my driving aggression go really down. Sometimes i get angry a bit but not really much, most of the time im not even swearing anymore.

You could use this situation to convert it in many situations of your life and try if it helps you. I hope i could help you a bit.

And there also other things like:
- Leave the scene and take a moment for yourself
- Music

If you really suffer that much maybe you could find out if you are cholerical. Ask your doc for that. Maybe theres some medical and behaviour treatments.

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