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One way/Pattern of thinking process. Always the Hard Path

Is this just me or everyone withn ADHD. How i can i spend hours, days, weeks, months thinking about a particular solution to a problem in one way. Whenever i hyperfocus its always on a particular side of a solution, turning my mind to the others side of a solution is always hard till someone bails me out.
I don't normal normally proffer solutions to people because I know my mind won't rotate around such problem to get various solutions.

And most of the solutions that comes from my mind are the hard one the easy ones seems to elude me just some part of my mind thinks that easy is boring. I fight with everything in my life just to find out there is an easy way and that's what everyone is doing.
In school when certain questions are asked, my mind keys to one answer and nothing else but when i start hearing answers from people (majority) , i will be like, 'why does this elude me all the time, why can't I think like others, why always following a controversial path'

Of course sometimes it's beneficial and most times it's a curse.

I have not yet get medication on ADHD. Don't know if it's related to it.
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