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Re: One way/Pattern of thinking process. Always the Hard Path

Originally Posted by Greyhound1 View Post
I think itís probably related to ADHD, hyper focus and anxiety/obsessive thinking. Itís very difficult for me to change gears or thoughts when Iím fixated or hyper focused on a problem. Usually, just continue to spin my wheels getting no where. Getting no where and the waste of time is when my anxiety kicks in. This just perpetuates the situation into an obsessive thought cycle.

If you have been diagnosed with ADHD medication may be quite helpful.
Exactly what am going through. Obsessive thinking with no headway cos am stuck on a circle of thought that might be a hard solution but to move away from that thought pattern to another is near to impossible unless I am thinking from a written book or am writing what am thinking.

Am not yet on medication
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