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Re: Gratefulness

Yes. A lot and to many people. Mainly though to circumstances. I've been lucky in a million ways primarily that I wasn't born into poverty, or in a war stricken area and to a fairly liberal and very caring family.

I also feel incredibly grateful for fuzzling, my little girl. Sometimes I still can't believe how lucky I am to have a little fuzzling.

When I was younger I used to feel grateful in a sort of excited, blissful way just for being alive and for the fact that the world was so beautiful and that I was able to enjoy it. I rarely feel that anymore and I do miss that feeling. A lot of it had to do with feeling young and as if all doors were open I guess.

Sometimes it helps me to remind myself how good I've really got it but sometimes it just makes me feel.guilty and in: you've been so lucky but you still manage to **** up everything. Or :"how dare I am so depressed when I've got it so good?"
Great to hear you get so much you from your little girl Fuzzy! You still have a lot of potential in you, so go live your life as you see fit!

Take uncomfortable steps! Face fears, truths and situations that you did not dare to face before! Try new things to get over your obstacles. They may not work, but you will keep learning! Sorry, I am in a very motivated mood, I wish you the best!

Glad to see you making progress! Itís inspirational and nice to read. If youíre becoming stronger and healthier from it than more power to you. Letting go of the past and ďtaking time to smell the rosesĒ while admiring the beauty is very healing.

Only, thing I feel differently about is being grateful. I think we should be grateful for anything that enriches our lives. Iím grateful for so many things, I canít even count. I want to be more mindful of being grateful for the many positives in my life. When Iím feeling sorry for myself, upset, sad, etc. thinking about all the things Iím grateful for really helps me snap out it. There is always someone out there that has things worse which is enough for me to be grateful.

I think, feeling gratefulness is a positive and uplifting feeling. It usually represents a gift, I was given. Whether it be ever so small or large.
Oh yeah it's good to feel grateful, it's a great way to get out of negativity, that is so easy to grow, but only if you let it. You have to face the difficult things, not deny them, but the same thing is true for the positive things in your lives. It's appropriate to feel grateful for them, and act accordingly. Life is too short to stay in the negative.

Hi- Iím happy that you are doing well.

According to research, being thankful is a great way to increase happiness. Studies also show that people who always express gratitude tend to be happier and less anxious.

Yes I am grateful for so many things in my life. Iím grateful each day for good health, protection, provision, for my family and for the peace.

Thank you for sharing, God bless.
Hi Pink! You're welcome! I am aware, I am taking some courses in positive psychology, that is one of the reasons that I am pursuing this path (other than that it's just a good in itself to be grateful).

Great to hear that you have so many good things in your life!

I'm grateful for those I know who are lights in a dark world. My sister who I feel close to, my DH, who usually understand me better than most, and my best friend, who I can count on as a phone buddy when I'm feeling down.
Hi Sasha! It's great to have such great people in your life! I am so lucky to have some people who just stick around no matter what too, and I am more and more realizing how meaningful and special this is. I hope to be such a person to others too, that's one of the reasons that I am trying to grow, so that other people can lean on me.

Jacksper, you are a marvel. It is so wonderful that you have found this.

Yes, gratitude is a very personal thing. It is up to each individual if they desire to embrace it. It may be very hard to get to the place where one can reach it.

But its definitely worth doing. Gratitude is a divine gift and has the potential of enriching our lives beyond anything we deemed possible.
Gratitude is amazing indeed. It's completely changing my life at the moment. I get pulled out of a lot of negativity towards myself, my family and the world, because I realize that despite of all the flaws and injustices that I have experienced and see everywhere, there are so many good things!

I think it's key to take responsibility of your own life and deal with whatever you can handle, but at the same time be grateful for all the things you get, not blame others for your problems, even if they had a role in them. This may be a difficult subject, it is for me, I am not saying that we need to blame ourselves or let others of the hook easily, but that it's so much more freeing to let go of the negative (after having faced it and communicated about it honestly) and allow yourself to be grateful, and communicating about it.

These are not empty words. I am really doing this and it's rejuvinating. It's not easy at all, I have cried a lot today (and in the last month) and have been in arguments, because I am very allowing myself to be very vulnerable to the ones I love (and I am saying that as someone who hardly cried, despite all of the frustrations I have had with myself - or perhaps because of it). At one point you break, and that's a good thing. I allow myself to break down (without collapsing - I need to do my work and take care of my other responsibilities) and move on from there. I even am grateful that that's even possible, that I can be vulnerable and that I don't have to worry about everything falling apart, just my ego, which wanted to protect it's fragile existence.

Only when we are honest, we can have intimacy with the people we love.
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