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Re: Why do i seek/crave more meds when i'm upset or stressed!

Originally Posted by littlesmg88 View Post
I've been on stimulants for ADD for 13 years. I was on adderall and currently on vyvanse.
I started taking my script more than prescribed 7 years ago because they wore off too soon.
now its just a mess of a probelm but one thing I realized is whenever I feel or experience a negative emotion like getting upset/overwhelmed/fight with parents or boyfriend I seek/crave/ take more of my meds even though it doesn't do anything??
I find that I even take more when I'm say bored at work which doesn't make sense because if theres nothing to do/focus on then I'm wasting it!
please some one help me get some sanity back while I try to deal with how to control my usage of my medication and find a therapist!
I was thinking more about your situation.

And I wondered if your anxiety could also be making things worse, and also counteracting the temporary benefits of the medication?

In fact, now that I think about it, this has happened to me numerous times, over the years, when my anxiety worsens.

For me, even when I take medication as prescribed, if I experience distressful situations, my focus can appear to regress, due to distresses, like anxiety.

"When people are suffering mentally, they want to feel better—they want to stop having bad emotions and start having good emotions." (-Temple Grandin)
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