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Re: vivid, but not real memories

If what you describe, you do that incessantly, to the extent that it affects your productivity, I would say this is exactly what ADHD-Inattentive is, in my opinion?.

Originally Posted by peripatetic View Post
Query: is this an ADHD thing or related to my other issues? I can imagine in a visceral, thechnicolour, consistently precise/detailed Way "memories" of stuff I know I didn't do. I'll give you an example: I have those kinds of near tangible experiences about observing my mum as a child (she's the child) from an "observer" perspective. Clearly this is false insofar as i never casually/analytically/near tangibly lived that given its impossibility.

They are indistinguishable from the real, objectively (*confirmable* even) way I have of remembering things I *did* live.

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