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Re: What are the steps of a behavioural therapy ?

the steps. well everyone is different however, this is what I know.

the process. that is, saying to yourself "what do you want, what are you doing, how is it working for me" outloud or slightly under your breath.

the "what do you want" is super ego formation, and the entire process is to get to trust yourself again. the what do you want part of the process is usually just "to drive over there,to walk over there to go over to my friends house etc...." there is no ego in the first step.

the second step "what are you doing" is the behavior engagement, or where the ego falls. such as "what do you want, to wright something on the boards, what are you doing, I'm writing something on the boards"

the third step, the "how is it working for you" is at first "it's working" after repeating the process over and over you will start to notice patterns, as the process gains traction behavior change and self trust in pretty much everything becomes possible.

as is, you do the process for the behaviors you want to incorporate into your life, you don't do the process for behaviors you want to get rid of. the more you do the process for any behavior the more automatic that behavior comes (cause you are trusting yourself more and more in those behaviors)

the best thing, is piece of mind. when the process starts to gain traction between the first and second step, the distance between the 2nd and third step will free your mind up from rumination because the "it's working" becomes the the dopamine hit you are working towards. the first and the second step could be moments apart, however the third step (when you say it's working) could be hours away.

aside from that, identifying projections of insecurity, how to be secure with self, how to be more of the person you want to be instead of who others think you should be.
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