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Reading back, I notice that I need to clarify something. I was very sketchy on 7q32-37. This is referring to "Chromosome 7q duplication syndrome." Strabismus and Long Eyelashes are 2 features of this syndrome, however it is much more than these 2 features. "Chromosome 7q duplication syndrome" is a form of mental retardation. I never stated this. (Sorry about that). Sometimes my files are too abbreviated because I already know these things and forget to mention them when I post in public.

This syndrome especially interests me because my youngest dd, Elizabeth, (who has classic autism-- often associated with nearby chromosome band/s 7q31-35) is also severely/profoundly retarded. In addition, she has remarkably long eye lashes and was dx'd around the age of three with strabismus. (Which is why I had the notes about those two features/characteristics in my personal files). She is not dx'd with this syndrome, but because of the reasons mentioned above, I have done a little bit of reading up about it.

Here is a webpage with more about that syndrome:


P.S. This is the page I made for my daughter Elizabeth (who is autistic):
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