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Here are my main sources:

I'm sad to say that the source I used most often (my best source) no longer pulls up:

The first 2 links probably have the most information. I put "research" in quotation marks up above because the information was already there, I just grouped it a little bit differently to fit my needs. Looking for "common denominators" in disorders such as Epilepsy (self, cousin, great-aunt), Bipolar Disorder (self, aunt, ?brother), ADHD (self, daughters, many others), Autism (daughter, nephews), Lupus (my aunt), Fetal Hydantoin Syndrome (my youngest daughter), Asperger Syndrome (probably my oldest daughter), Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (my aunt), Familial Mediterranean Fever (distant cousin), and Rheumatoid Arthritis (my grandmother). I found the similarities in these chromosome bands.

If you want to read up more on this, go to GOOGLE and type in "Human Genome Mapping " or "Human Chromosome Map."

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