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Re: Is language instinctual or learned?

Originally Posted by Abi View Post

There are stories about children who were maltreated , isolated in basements with little human contact or brought up with monkeys etc. in their formative years.

They never learnt to speak, they would grunt like animals and usually were never able to learn to speak even when re-integrated into civilisation.
If I remember well, the best researched example (the girl in USA who was found closed in a farm and didn't speak ) was inconclusive here.

It's quite similar with gait pattern - we are pre-wired to walk like we do, but it needs some training to work.
There are old experiments with semi-dead cats who could still zombie-walk in an organized way, when their neurons were stimulated.

And the little girl in India who was found in the jungle couldn't learn to walk like human, she moved on 4 limbs and didn't speak either.

@mild: I think the fact I can learn Chinese but I will find it hard to do so is the answer

EDIT: I just saw it's a spin-off poll from anoher big-barrel thread
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