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2 days dex. And feel crappy - advice/thoughts?

Ok. I'm trying to understand what I'm experiencing.

So far I've done two days of 5 mg of dexedrine, once per day, before noon.
It's had a mild effect, if anything. (Though yesterday i think it had a cognitive effect i didn't realize until later - and not in such a great way - hard to explain - will try and edit when i figure a way to explain it)
But overall mild effects
I've slept normally both nights (though normal is not good was 'normal')

Today all morning I'm MUCH more exhausted than normal and also feeling blue and depressed in a way. I'm so internally exhausted I'm confused. This and the down mood...I'm confused.

I have tried dexedrine a couple of times in the past for a day or two but twice a day and it messed up my sleep so this time I'm trying once a day. And the times before my fatigue and mood the next day made sense from lack of sleep. My sleep wasn't messed up this time, but I'm still feeling an unusual form of crappy. ;(.

It *feels* like what is described about withdrawals - albeit a mild form.

Is this even possible?

And i'm delaying taking today's dose - i can't see what good it will do being this tired never mind that I'm feeling that today's state is related to the dexedrine.
Is this good thinking or bad thinking? Should I continue so my body "Gets used to it"? Is taking a day off a mistake?

Thanks for any thoughts.
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