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Re: Adderall - first thread post since registration - anxious/nervous, dousy of a thr

Thank you all.

Originally Posted by DJ Bill View Post
And what is the story behind your handle? (Motorbike or bicycle?)
Originally Posted by Greyhound1 View Post
Same here. I thought it was Bike.
Originally Posted by stef View Post
so did I
hey welcome to the forums and yes, stay honest and be good to yourself!
Yeah, I am not big into "handles". The current one does not really represent a characteristic or characteristics of me so much as it is a username (nothing more really).

Generally a fairly private person when it comes to the Internet (not a social media person, etc... prefer more direct contact if I am going to have contact with people.... and realllllly don't put more about myself out there on the net to be picked up by someone compromising a company/sites systems one day). Longer post to come after this, you may see irony in my lack of interest in posting information on the Internet (or completely understand)

Perhaps will share the first name one day.
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