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How do I know if my issues are ADHD or psychological related?

Hey all, nice to me you, im new here

The fact that I can talk to awesome people like me is such a relief

Im kinda new at this even though I know I have ADHD for 14 years (im 29). I had some deep issues with this so I never questioned what people told me as a child about ADHD. Im dealing with it now and I have so many questions that are popping into my head.

The thing is, I can't tell anymore if my issues are due to ADHD or because of some other issues because I was diagnosed late or just bad habits that I have.
When you have a bad habit and a grown up tells you its your ADHD you kinda accept that this is the way you work. grown ups sucks!

maybe you could help me understand better, I NEED to know. this is bugging me so much.

1. I know getting started with a task is hard but I have real issues once I started to stay focus. this goes around 10-15 minutes and then Im getting into a task and then I can continue

2. If Im researching something (I work as a programmer, i have a lot of that) I can only do it for an hour or two before I feel overwhelmed and need of a break that very often turns into procrastination (even if its interesting). is that normal for ADHD? I thought that this is just some psychological issue, how can I need a break after each hour? this makes no sence

3. I just found out about Hyper-focus which I have when im doing action stuff (like writing code or actually doing stuff and feel progress). The problem is that most of my work is researching. How can I trigger the Hyper-focus on that? where is the ON button on this amazing feature my mind have?

The most annoying thing is how tired I feel after working for just an hour when researching. I had no problems sitting a full day doing math problems and school (loved it! im such a geek ), why is this so different?

I really really hope to get some answers from you guys. I need to know if there is a deeper issue here or this is just how im wired
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