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Re: My Adderall Journal (bad experience - 33 year old female)


Read 'em all. Here is what I can offer:

Tigger is correct - speaking to a second opinion is worthwhile. Just to get corroborating evidence. All self-help literature on ADHD/ADD says its a disease that you have to come to learn more and more. Its not something you can be passive with. Treatment is much like a partnership since so much depends on symptoms reported.

In terms of what side-effects you do describe, I can relate. The clenching of the jaw, the depression, the distractabilty, and the anxiety are/were all there for me. It should be noted that I, too, have had it suggested to me that I may be bipolar (bipolar 2, in my case). Its a diagnosis I've strongly resisted since the science for it for me is incumbent on a genetic condition I have they don't full understand.

Anyway, by your post, it looks like you're now off of the Lamictal, too? Have you talked to your current doctor about starting an ADD drug called Strattera? This is said to help some with the symptoms of ADD and its primary negative side-effect - ED - obviously doesn't apply to you.

All in all, it honestly sounds like a pretty weak diagnosis. I don't know that its NOT conclusive but I haven't heard it (for friends or in my reading) that the reaction to coffee can be a parallel test for someone who has mental health issues. Hopefully you're doing some reading on your own.

Either way, thanks for writing up your journal. It was indeed very helpful to be able to see so much in detail. I don't know that I'd be able to be so extensive, distinct and detailed had I done one myself.
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