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Re: Are we just wired to have awful sleep?

Originally Posted by aeon View Post
Blue wavelength light from a smartphone will disrupt your melatonin production, affecting your ability to fall asleep, and stay asleep.

Exercise earlier in the day helps.

Caffeine and vaped nicotine help me fall asleep because they quiet down my mind.

A small bit of Dexedrine has also helped me in this way.

Insomnia might require a hammer like trazodone. It has worked for me in the past.

Actually, the #1 thing I have found for falling asleep is the combo of tiredness + spooning.

I hate being touched when I'm trying to sleep. In fact touch is something I'm weird about in general. I do like physical affection but very sparingly (unless you're a dog or I've been drinking).

I think I may have to consider the medical route if my sleep patterns don't start improving soon. Oddly enough, electronic devices have helped to distract me from my own thoughts. My phone has a blue light filter on it so it doesn't impact my sleep. It's not made much of a difference but my eyes do feel less strained, I guess.
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