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New Interactive Style Metronome Training App

Hello, I'm an indie app developer (on the side - when it doesn't conflict with work) and I'm working on a new app series called TempoTutor. The first in this series will be TempoTutor-Toon and it's meant to be a fun rhythm training app with universal appeal to both kids and adults. It should be playable on most smartphones and tablets. I plan to release it as a free app with family friendly ads so it's accessible to more people. I am also considering adding an upgrade option to pay to remove ads.

I created this app because I really want to help people in a similar situation as my family, and I know a lot of people cannot afford to pay for professional training of this type. So let me share a brief version of my story, so you know why I did this and where I'm coming from.

When one of my daughters was having trouble in elementary school, it took a while, and a child psychologist, but we eventually discovered that her main problem was ADD. Like many parents, after many hours of research, my wife and I discovered the many types of drugs and therapy that was available, and metronome therapy was one of the things we discovered (but could not afford at the time). More interestingly, we also eventually realized that my mother, my oldest daughter, and I, all have varying degrees of ADD. In fact, my youngest daughter is the only one who does not (she was tested by a psychologist as well).

Long story short, we've all been on different medications at one point or another, but once I read the early research on how rhythm training and metronome therapy helped, I got the kids heavily involved in music, and wrote several versions of "quick and dirty" metronome training apps over the years (that I only shared with my family). To be honest, it can be difficult to commit to the amount of time required for real benefit, but when we do, the results are impressive. In fact, we try not to take medication for our ADD at this point, but even when we have, we notice significant improvement with metronome training. It should be noted that some still debate the effectiveness of this type of therapy because there hasn't been enough focused research on the topic. I can just tell you that there are a lot of people who have reported several types of benefits from this type of training (myself and my family included).

That's as quick a summary as I can write, but basically, I recently decided to create a series of apps under the "TempoTutor" name that will be classified as "rhythm games" and intend to help others who may not be able to afford to pay for professional therapy of this type. Of course, it's no substitute for the very specialized hardware and expert coaching that you would get when working with a professional, but it can be a fun alternative to mix things up, or an alternative option for those who cannot afford professional therapy and are willing to do their own research and coaching.

I can post an update here when it's released if anyone is interested. I would also love to hear feedback so I can continually improve the app.

With that said, is there any interest or comments?


Quick feature list:
  • Universal Theme and Fun Design
  • Configure Target Time and BPM (30 - 150 BPM)
  • Visual and Audible Feedback
  • Enable Pink Noise (for better concentration)
  • Track High Scores (only if session is not aborted early)
  • More Details Stats Available (includes a graph of the session)
  • Recent Runs (5 latest runs available)
  • COPPA Compliant (no personal info shared, etc)

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