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Re: ADHD and Hypersensitivity (for the 2nd time)

It's nice to know I'm not a freak here

I have some kinda problem with certain pitches of noises. For example. I live next door to a guy who plays the electric guitar. I can put up with the actual sound but the bass is enough to make me climb walls and cry. I don't mind my own music having bass... sometimes.... but someone else's which vibrates the walls....ugh.

And fortunately he's stopped drumming his fingers on the edge of the desk... enough to make me wanna rip his hands off. Really!

And yes, I also have an oversensitivity to food textures. A lot of things I don't like the taste of, like jam and other very sweet fruity things for no reason. Tomatoes are a good example I saw mentioned a long time ago, I love the taste of tomato in sauce, but a piece of tomato makes me gag.

Although my pickiness and fussiness of all food has started to turn into a full blown food anxiety. I nearly cried because my freaking flatmate (I don't think it was the one I talk about all the time though...) had left peas and sweetcorn in the sink. Cooked peas and sweetcorn drive me insane, everything about them. I can't pick up jars of certain things because they might be open and might have stuff dripping on them. Mayonnaise and salsa are examples...

I also hate bad smells but will seek out good ones, not sure that really counts though so I didn't tick it.

Although I will seek out things that feel different. Food is not one of them but I will touch stuff. Something that feels silky or soft will keep me quiet for hours. I used to stroke eyelashes and hair on people compulsively as a young kid. I have a furry blanket I got for christmas and stroking that calms me down a lot

Yet you know when you run your teeth up a metal pen cap (or other things in the region of nails down a chalkboard) it makes me shudder but I can't stop doing it over and over. The feel of hands after washing them with a bar of soap... sends shivers down my spine but I keep feeling them...

So annoying. If I could get rid of that food thing or that hearing thing it would be nice :/
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