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Re: ADHD and Hypersensitivity (for the 2nd time)

Originally Posted by lorac View Post
I can remember from an early age my Mom having to use cloth diapers because the plastic ones caused rashes and extreme discomfort. I can also remember at various times being super sensitive to "silent alarms" at banks, flickering lights (noise) and other sounds most people don't notice. I am also super sensitive to smells ie. perfumes, lotions, chicken, some foods, and other smells that people don't always notice. I just wondered how many others there are with this same/similar issue? I have been tested for allergies multiple times, hearing tests etc. Nothing comes up on those tests, which makes me think it is a brain/adhd issue. Does anyone else have any ideas??
Lorac - My mom told me she used cloth diapers for me. She didn't mention why, but it was back in the 1970's and they were pretty poor, so it could have been a price issue. I have always had sensitive skin, though. Can't use deoderant type soaps, have to wash sheets and clothes before I wear them, I get a rash sometimes when the weather changes drastically.

I am also sensitive to noises (especially repetitive ones) although I can't recall ever "hearing" a silent alarm. Flourescent lights tend to bother me because I can see the flicker before most people notice it.

Smells are a biggie for me too. Most perfume makes me head-achy and nauseated. Chicken smells AWFUL when it cooks. And I am the first one to notice stinky feet and when the dog has rolled in something. If a skunk so much as walks past our house, the smell wakes me up. And don't get me started on public restrooms and porta-potties. My younger daughter LOVES these places for some reason and she's not quite old enough to go by herself. She would linger in the public bathroom for hours if I let her. Meanwhile, I've got my shirt pulled up over my nose, trying to hold back from throwing up. And worse is when there's air freshener in the bathroom. Ugh!

I think these kinds of things fall into the "Sensory Processing Issues" category. Raising my younger daughter taught me all about this stuff. There's a book called "The Out-of-Sync Child" that talks all about sensory processing and how your hearing, etc. tests can fall into normal ranges but still cause issues because of how your brain processes the information.
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