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Re: ADHD and Hypersensitivity (for the 2nd time)

Wow, I checked everything in the poll. *lol* And they're all to the point of "interfering with my life", not just passing annoyances.

I have some pretty severe hypersensitivity and sensory defensiveness.

When I was a little kid I drove my mom nuts -- I'd change my clothes seven or more times a day because the clothing would get uncomfortable. My mom hated how much laundry it ended up making her do! I refused to wear anything except specific items of clothing because seams and tags and scratchy fabric bothered me so much.

I still have major issues with clothing. I love pretty clothes, but most of the time I can't wear them. Some days are better than others. I have several shirts that some days I can wear them and some days I can't. On bad days I put them on and it HURTS all over. It's like fire against my skin.

I wear PJ pants and other soft, loose flannel clothing most of the time. I've never really been able to wear clothes that are rough, stiff, or tight, like jeans.

I can't stand if clothing is damp and against my skin.

I have sensitivity to food textures and tastes. I stopped eating meat when I was very young because of the mix of textures in it (chewy, squishy, gristley, whatever). Foods like mushrooms and eggplant and cooked zucchini I can't handle because it's slimy. I can taste all the differences in flavor in different kinds of sweeteners (natural and artificial) and can't stand most of them. I usually only like light agave syrup. Stevia, honeybush and rooibos (red "tea") leave a weird feeling in my mouth I can't even seem to describe to people. I get horrible aftertastes with artificial sweeteners.

The weirdest one is that I can't stand the taste of water. Anyone else have that? It actually makes me gag.

No one -- absolutely no one, not even myself -- is allowed to touch my feet. Any skin-on-skin contact on them makes me scream. They can't even touch each other or my opposite leg. It's like how nails on a chalkboard "feels". I wash my feet with a washcloth or shower puff and sometimes even that makes me feel horrible. Unexpected touches by pretty much anything will make me yelp, all touching of my feet by anything has to be deliberate and firm. I put on my socks and shoes without EVER touching my feet with my hands.

Skin-on-skin on other parts of my body can be very bad as well. If my husband has dry skin, it can make me want to cry if he touches my hands or arm. It's like fire.

I'm very sensitive to touch on my body in general. Some days I can't handle any, some days I can handle more than others. In general, firm deliberate touches are better than light brushing.

Certain fabrics bother me. If they "catch" in any way on my skin, I tend to freak out. However, on the flip side of that, when there is a sensation I really like, I loooove touching it.

Smells can definitely set me off. I seem to notice smells more and be more bothered by them than other people. Or at least I'm the one who points them out and says they're bothering me!

Lights and sounds can make me very defensive as well, I got it all going on. Haha. Certain colors of lights bother me more than others. There's a light in the bedroom that flickers that makes me feel sick unless the room has other lights on to diffuse it. I have a "dark room" with "theater" (black out) curtains. I turn my alarm clock face down so that the light from the numbers won't bother me.

I seem to involuntarily react by covering my ears more often than other people around me do. Do I just have lower willpower? I don't know. Heh. But high pitched or screechy noises make me whimper and leave or cover my ears, and it hurts for a long time after the sound ends. It's definitely not a function of "excellent" hearing. Other people can hear what I hear, they just tune it out or it doesn't bother them as much. One thing that REALLY bothers me and makes me cringe is whispering. I can't STAND it. It makes my eardrum feel funny, I swear. I don't know how to describe it.

I have very poor temperature regulation. I get heat exhaustion several times a year, and I don't live in a very hot place. More than once I've been found wandering around in the sun in total confusion. Heh. I had to be led to the shade and taken care of with electrolytes and liquids. Heat makes me panic, because I feel like I'm dying. I can't breathe, and I feel like my body is shutting down. I have a very clear limit where I start having trouble functioning normally, from 75 to 80 degrees. Over 80 I feel very ill. I know it's just me having trouble coping with the normal body sensations of being hot.

In the cold I shiver VIOLENTLY. It doesn't even have to be that cold. My teeth chatter. People always react to this as if I'm some poor little urchin shivering in the streets. *lol* They pile coats on me, ask me if I'm okay, and so on. I've been this way my whole life. My hands turn red at a seemingly mild temperature compared to other people and get stiff and its hard to do anything. Being cold, even though I have a very physical reaction, doesn't bother me like being hot does.

And I'm definitely claustrophobic... not in the sense that being in an elevator or closet would bother me, but being restrained really bugs me. Often, it's just something leaning against or touching me that makes me feel panicky. For example, lying in bed, if my husband's arm, pillow or body is touching my back, I feel like I can't breathe, and end up having to sleep on the couch.

Sorry for the novel. This is just a huge part of my life. I have no idea if it's related to my ADD, but it's definitely a huge part of my life that makes functioning difficult sometimes.
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