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Re: Powerful visual-spatial thinking - ADD or Autism?

Originally Posted by Haakenlid View Post
There are a bunch of online asberger's quizes you can take. Like this one:

These are not diagnostic tools, but should give an indication on whether you have significant symptoms.
Interesting find. I scored a 32 on that!

What's strange is that the high school psychologist thought I had Asperger's. The counselors/therapists at college disagreed and stated that it is more a mix of OCD/ADHD, some PTSD, and maybe NVLD, that has caused my social and academic difficulties alike.

Elementary and middle school teachers, by the way, just though I was hyper or lazy (or both at once!) and oblivious to social situations. In kindergarten, counselors came in, evaluated me, and basically said I had ADHD (though not in a formal manner). I got occupational therapy for a few years (but never medication), but that got cut off due to budget cuts.
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