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Re: Feel i'm not creative as others of my level of intelligence

Originally Posted by acdc01 View Post
That's interesting.

I think and think and think over subjects naturally as part of my adhd (without medication). That's when I come up with creative ideas.

Overthinking things is part of adhd (I think) and your meds are actually making you do what ADHD itself does. Hmm, maybe the meds allow you to focus more on what's important and that's the difference (instead of wandering to other subjects).

By creative, I mean coming up with ideas like yourself. I'm not artistically inclined though I did think even when it comes to art, we are on average considered more artistically creative too (in addition to coming up with ideas creative). The average just means that some of us are more skilled, not all of us. I think I myself would be more skilled in creative problem solving but not art.
Without meds i overthink about unimportant daily events, past evens, or future plans(ruminating thoughts). So i can't focus important things. I bore too quickly without meds. Ritalin was helping me to focus what are important and what i want what i have to. Without meds i reread book pages so i lost too much time. I'm not sure if these are becuse of adhd or anxiety.
Born in 1989. Treated for major depression and anxiety since 21 yo.
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Started with ritalin (worked only for two weeks)
Also tried wellbutrin and strattera
Now: ritalin and medikinet
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