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Re: do I feel good, or am I in trouble?

I agree with all the above posts. with the meds that you are on these thoughts should not be ignored and should be reported to your doctor as soon as possible. I really like the idea of printing out your post and taking it to a doctor. May I also suggest you keep a small pocket notbook with you and when one of these thoughts enter your head write it down along with what you were doing and what you are feeling at the time. People have the misguided notion that when on these meds the thoughts of harming onself only come at you when you are feeling bad, When I was on a simmilor med they sometimes would hit me out of the blue when i was feeling happy. please let us know how things are going and know that we are behing you in this. thank you for have the courage to share this as someone else reading this that is going thru the same thing will be helped as well.

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