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Re: One last try to explain myself, and get help. mind racing/medications/etc.

Wow, I didn't expect to get so many replies.

Alright where do i start. I'll try my best.

Meditation/relaxation is HARD for me, I think I need books or someone to tell me how to even start the process, the thoughts don't let me, they keep knocking at the door and won't shut up.

Kmiller, the Adderall does NOT slow my mind down, I feel like I need something in combination with the Adderall to slow my mind down....even/balance things out, fill the gaps in my mind.

When I was diagnosed I was 100% positive, I mean I show SO many signs of inattentive, well I did... maybe I should get reevaluated.

Yes, the adderall focuses the racing thoughts on one or two subjects you are exactly right. Then it wears off and I am back to 10 subjects a second. I have taken many breaks from adderall and I never remember having a slow at ease mind....ever...I have always self medicated with pot, which helped me long after smoking (hours after coming down) I took a 3 day break, which I know isn't much, just this week and again, racing thoughts were just as bad or worse.

livinginchaos, I don't mean to sound like I am seeking meds, I am open to anything... but I don't understand how counseling would help me. I have been there done that, how does talking to someone help my mind racing?

I feel like it is just how I am, but then I have no idea.. I am really confused about everything and I don't know what I need, what doctor to see... I try asking my mom for her opinion and I just can't explain it to her, or any one else for that matter. This forum is the only place where I feel people understand at least halfway of what I am talking about.

And I want to say, the thoughts are not always fast paced, I can be thinking about something for like 10 seconds, then I think about something totally unrelated and think about that for a while. At it's worst I start thinking about something and 10 seconds later I don't remember what I thought about for 10 seconds because I thought about so many things. But ALWAYS, the thoughts are almost in no way related... I guess they must be since one has to lead to another somehow....but they just....AHHH loss of words. i dont know.

I will check out those posts soon ginnie.
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