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My mom also freaked out when I got my ts+adhd dx a year ago. I'm 27 yo now. I think she had a panic moment when she found out. We have never been able to talk mother-daughter talk. We never understand each other, what the other once is saying. If I want my mom to know something I tell my sister and she tells he, because she doesn't listen to me. She became very strange and couldn't talk to me for three months after my dx, she just stared at me and started crying (When I wasn't there!) My sister has told me. I think she feels guilty because SHE didn't notice anything strange about me when I was a kid, according to her I WAS more hyper, not like all the other girls, a stubborn kid that fought back, violent, angry and so on... but not out of the norm.

I know what you're talking about, I felt the same thing about my mom. I grew up - she looses some control over me. I found out many things weren't as she has been telling me - she looses even more control, I get my dx and finally her walls break down completely. Everything she's been telling us kids isn't what it is today, it isn't the truth anymore. I knew I had adhd before my dx and I told her, and she just lauged and said "No, you don't." Denial is what she's suffering from.

You are growing into being yourself, like Gabriela said. That's why you're biting back, you know who YOU are now but your mom isn't used to it, I can see her panic when she's lost all control. I've grown into myself, I feel comfortable with myself with my ts and adhd. That's me. I still wait for my mom to find the right path to her new self, to find her self and who she is. I too have a kid, but she never babysits or anything. I KNOW my son is very active and wants attention all the time. She never says "No, I don't want to", she always says "No. I have to..... " and comes up with almost anything to get away from babysitting. My son is 3 yo and she's been babysitting ONCE. We live just 30 minutes away from each other. He is her first grandchild.

*hugs* to you Dsherman, keep contact with your other relatives and make your own opinion on them, getting a dx as an adult is very hard for your parents too but don't let that stop you from being yourself! Hug your husband and child more, they love you more than anyone else in the world! Btw, you CAN live without your parents, I don't have contact with my father at all, we've talked about 4 times and seen each other 4 times (family gatherings) in 11 years, but I visit his mom pretty often and talk a lot with her about anything
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