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Re: Anyone here with ADHD and bipolar?

Originally Posted by sarahsweets View Post
Are you taking any antidepressants (SSRI, SNRI, tricylclics?) in my experience, lamictal or other lamictal-like mood stabilizers do not work without an antidepressant.
I agree. Iím new here but not to the psychotropic world. Found yíall while researching Mydayis, which I started YESTERDAY after years on Vyvance 70 mg Almost didnít take it today. I will post about that whole issue appropriately. Just wanted to affirm: yes, Lamictal is supposed to kind of ďboostĒ and work with another med, whether one aimed at bipolar in general, BP depression, anxiety and / or run-of-the-mill depression (lol). Lamictal has been my one constant fir 12 years since BP diagnosis. Take it! Problem is: take it with what?? Iíve tried them all and went back to basics on Wellbutrin. Doing better after a week. Then I started the Amy day is. I donít think this is a good combination. In fact, Iíve spent hours reading about Mydatis (instead of working-that says a lot!) and Iíve just realized that the ADHD meds really shouldnít be taken with antidepressants! I also suffer from PTSD, anxiety, and panic disorder. I think I need a new psychiatrist and to dry out and start over - perhaps more holistically. Oh - did I mention that I take 1 mg of Klinopin when I get too speedy or manic? And that Iím 12 years clean and sober from alcohol and cocaine addiction??
Anyone have any suggestions?? Now my attempt to help has become a cry for help! ... but Iíll bet someone understands...
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