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Powerful visual-spatial thinking - ADD or Autism?

Lately I've been wondering whether or not I might fit on the Autism spectrum just a tad.

I've always had pretty vivid visual-spatial thinking abilities. I just assumed it was normal to think in "movie scenes" instead of words. Lately however, I've been thinking that maybe I ain't so neurotypical in that regard.

If I'm relaxed and laying down with no external stimuli (usually at night), I can pretty much conjure up anything that I've seen in my mind quite vividly. I can play back events like scenes in my head, going backwards and forwards. If I'm in that just-about-to-fall-asleep state of mind, these can reach almost a sub-hallucination level of detail and clarity. It can be kind of frightening at times actually.

I think this is why I have such extreme anxiety problems in my life...I'm able to imagine what can go wrong in great detail, much more so than most people. I can literally see the car careening off the road, the man in the alley with a knife, etc...

And of course, since I have ADD, this visual thinking is usually out of my control and totally random. this more of an Autism spectrum trait? I wouldn't be too surprised if it were. Also, I'm just curious about other people's visual thinking abilities. Are they anything like I described? I'm just hoping I'm not too abnormal...
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