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What a coincidence! I just was prescribed the .5mg in the night too! I started with 2.5mg yesterday afternoon. I'll say this. Yesterday evening was a pleasant one. I also went to sleep on time (I did read about 20 minutes before bed). But slept soundly until my dog woke me up at 3am to go outside ...I'd kick her but she's too sweet.

Anyway, how long have you been on adderall? I've noticed my anxiety has been dramatically reduced in the last month...this is my toughest time of year too.

Also, did you say you doubled your adderall dosage? That may have been too aggressive, I don't know, but with anxiety, I've always taken things slowly..YMMV.

I understand the headaches too...some are brought on by anxiety some are brought on by a change in meds. My doc said that when you change dosages, change meds, etc. You will get a headache. I don't know if that is a contributing factor for you. But I did have a "throbber" this morning. Two Aleve seems to have fixed it tho.

I'll try and report back my findings since we are sort of in the same boat here and see if it might help a little.

P.S. I'm taking the Fibercon (over the counter) stuff and it's working ok.
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