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Question Strattera according to weight question

My son is 54 lbs and is eight years old. He takes 60 mg of strattera. Last year at school he took a combination of strattera and adderall. This summer we stopped the adderall and just continued on with the strattera.

A few weeks ago the same old problems started at school, rushing through work, bothering the other kids, getting in constant trouble from non-stop talking. The doctor would not raise the strattera but put him back on on 5 mg of Adderall. He has been on this combination for two weeks and his behavior at school has declined even more! He takes the strattera at night (because he gets sleepy) and the Adderall in the morning before school.

He does not like taking the Adderall and tomorrow morning I am not going to give it to him because he just wants to take the strattera.

That was a long story just to ask if anyone knows what weight he will need to be at before we can increase the Strattera and just not worry about having to combine meds? When the strattera is working, it works really well without side effects.

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