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Re: Any women here with zero relationship experience

Even with my disabilities I spent my younger-ish years playing mom to a full gowns adult males. It got old.

And you're damned right I take myself seriously. If I don't who will? I have sh- to do, responsibilities, bills to pay, races to train for, I'm working my way towards owning a house, have my own car, working on my 401k etc, etc

I see my girlfriend about once or twice a month. Our schedules don't line up all that well and we both have sh- to do. No one is butt hurt over this fact it's just the way it is. And when we do go out we will likely hit up the coffee shop down the street (chai latte for the ladies please) or a museum. We went to a club not long ago and about an hour in I turned to her and said (yelled) "i don't think I have a single thing in common with anyone in this room" she's like "me neither" i'm like "ok, lets go. Wine bar next time". Because we are too f-ing old for that sh-. We are the old married couple you fear becoming.

The idea of looking for someone who is mentally and emotionally stunted strikes me as kinda odd. I really hope you guys are younger than I think you are. You may find one. You may find one of the ones that IS that way because she was abused. You are not prepared for that. Or she may have a mental disability that you would need to be able to support. No one sounds ready for that either. Unless you guys are really just looking for a hook up. Which isn't even a relationship as far as I'm concerned.

The problem with casual teen relationship are that you are not a teen.

Women as a whole tend to be overly romantic. So they really get into that chocolate and flowers things. If you want romantic you can still have it. And be thanked for it. Long walks on beaches. Laying under the stars. Some I'm sure. No for me, If I'm laying out looking at the starts I'm going to be doing it in a dark sky zone and have a telescope and a sky chart out, not holding someones hand.

For anyone not already aware: The world owes you nothing. Women owe you nothing. (These are sentiments I see a lot of these days regarding such topics.) If you find what you are looking for great. Otherwise it's time to look for some more therapy and get yourself up to par. The same thing we always do when we find ourselves lacking in other areas because of ADD/Bipolar/Depression/Anxiety issue. We fix them. If you can't find what you want (which sounds pretty rare) you might have to step it up a bit to get where you need to be.
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