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Re: Connection between ADHD and Personality Disorders?

Originally Posted by ADDMagnet View Post

First, let me start by saying that they are separate disorders. ADHD does not turn into a personality disorder. However, symptoms can overlap and in some cases, ADHD can be a risk factor for developing certain personality disorders.

Hi ADDMagnet,

from my understanding the underlying basis for personalitydisorders is a way of viewing others and life in general based on an indviduals interactions with others over time and maifests in a way of reacting to others . There may well be a biological or genetic connection . i don't think they have found it yet.

my thought is someone who has ADHD can have problems interacting socially . can be abused and misunderstood by parents teachers and peers and be blamed for the way they are. If this is not caught as a child . (THE ADHD ) one coud easily develop into whats viewed as a personality disorder.

AND an ADULT with ADHD UNtreated could be fit into a personality disorder due to the overlap in symptoms in the criteria.

an adult with a personality disorder could vary well be and adultchild with ADHD.

one way to determine this would be to have an adult with a personality disorder recover from the criteria but still be left with the ADHD symptoms which still are thought to be the symptoms of some personality disorders.

just a therory of mine.

Infinity~ .
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