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Re: Any women here with zero relationship experience

Originally Posted by LyrinMeow View Post
The idea of looking for someone who is mentally and emotionally stunted strikes me as kinda odd. I really hope you guys are younger than I think you are. You may find one. You may find one of the ones that IS that way because she was abused. You are not prepared for that. Or she may have a mental disability that you would need to be able to support. No one sounds ready for that either. Unless you guys are really just looking for a hook up. Which isn't even a relationship as far as I'm concerned.
I would want someone whose parents or the other "real adults" in her life still support her, at least emotionally, including with whatever disabilities she has. I'm not ready to take over the role of parent to anyone, or have anyone else take over my parents' role with respect to me.

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