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Re: Adderall sex question

For me it's the opposite, I have less of a refractory period between orgasms when I'm on my meds. Because my dopamine is increased.

Adderall is supposed to inhibit prolactin release to a certain degree so it should help lessen the time between orgasm in theory. But everyone is different.

Now, once my meds wear off and I have sex in the evening, it will take me a while before being ready to go again. More than likely due to increased prolactin levels and also decrease in dopamine production..

This is why dopamine agonist drugs like cabergoline and pramipexole can cause multiple orgasms in men. They decrease prolactin.

I remember being on prami once and I took too much and got sick, so I was about to throw up in the toilet yet I had a rock hard erection at the same time lmao. I've also had about 5-6 orgasms with less than 5 minutes inbetween on that stuff. It's a crazy med that should not be taken lightly.
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