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Re: Adderall sex question

Originally Posted by Archerobx View Post
Ian, that was a lot of information thank you.

I think I will try not taking anything the day before a date night and see how that goes. If that doesnít work Iíll talk to doc about ED meds

I like how the adderall helps me and really am worried about trying other medicine.

Letís just say itís the only thing about that aspect of my life that is a plus, lol
Keep in mind that many doctors are rather uneducated in all the side effects of ADD medications, at least in my experience. My last doctor didn't believe me when I told her (first meeting, explaining one of the reasons I originally stopped taking them). She stated they did the opposite, than as we talked she verified my experience on google.

ED meds do help quite a bit, just keep in mind they also have side effects, some which don't play nice with our ADD meds.
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