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Re: My gaming addiction to adderall.

Im your best guy to help you out with this problem, but do me a favor and do not stop posting here or talking to me until you are addiction free of video games because I know it will not happen instantly First off, what video game are you playing?

I've been through this phase in my life, when I first started college, (first or second year WoW was out), i was not addicted, but obsessed with the game; my obsession was being the best, and at that time i was trying to achieve High Warlord. I had no social life (nor did i want one), and was living in this made up world. I got off of it though, the trick is, get bored. Convince yourself how stupid it is what you're doing, it is the only way. The more you know about the enemy (the game), the easier it is to overcome it.

For World of Warcraft, it was a simple thing that clicked for most people that were addicted, for example, one guy i know said, "Why do the mobs attack only the tank?" This realization of how insanely the dumb the game was, and what he was doing with his life made him stop playing. Whatever game, or games you are playing, think about the reason why you are addicted, what are you trying to achieve, and then listen to me: That achievement that you got spending all those hours playing is ****ing useless, it does not mean sh*t, you're not superman. Nobody in the outside world cares!

Obsession is not a bad thing either mate, do you know all the famous people out there in the world, that obsessed about a good thing and made something of themselves? You say you get obsessed with games, that's a good thing, but obsess about things that will matter in life. Obsessing about real life things is much more potent, fulfilling, and interesting than a video game. Take it to another level.

For me, I can't play any video game now, they all insanely bore me. Even new games like Diablo 3 and Starcraft 2, i tried them, and i find them incredibly boring, why? Because atm im obsessed about something that really matters to me, something that will give me incredible long term happiness: Jiu Jitsu and MMA. They're the only things that i think about and everything else bores me.

Instead of escaping reality, find something in life that is much more fascinating than a stupid video game where theyre trying to suck you in like a drug. If all else fails, join a Jiu Jitsu school, and just trust me on this and try it. Greatest fighter of all time, or greatest diablo 3 nerd of all time? It's not a hard decision.

Im envious of your 12 hours of free time btw, please dont waste it (unless youre not sleeping ofc).
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