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Re: Asperger's Disorder Symptoms

I want to reach out to poeple...I want to build close relationships...but im so selfish..I dont know how...
The first...two three weeks of getting to know someone, I have got down..Its the part where the relationship dynamic is supposed to change that I am at a loss, and I become either too aggressive or to distant. I forget to make eye contact. I forget to feign sympathy...I loose all desire to talk about anything that doesnt interest me...
Sometimes I think the only reason i am still married is because i dont like to touch people, and it took me sooooo long to get comfortable enough with my husband to enjoy the "horizontal polka". I was diagnosed 2 years ago, im 31 now. Im also African-American. Though i displayed allot of traits, teachers just thought I was "arrogant" and a "know-it-all" and that I had no respect for them.
I guess Im at this point in my life where the euphoria of knowing what is wrong with me is being replaced by this feeling of impending doom that Ill never live the life of the people I see on TV, unless I find some kind of resource that details those many little things people take so for granted in their daily interactions.
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