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Re: My gaming addiction to adderall.

Well... my wife brought this to post to my attention because it's scary how accurate your life sounds to mine. I play longer than 12-14 hrs at times and now my life is falling apart. I am a very strong willed individual but for some reason this monkey on my back won't shake. I played WoW for many years under these circumstances and then I got my life together, went to school, made something of myself, and have really impacted the lives of people. For the last year and half to two years though... this combination has began to slowly unravel the threads I so carefully spun. As of right now I've been playing for almost 24 hours, which is not the longest I've played in one sitting. Even though I've always known I wasn't alone, this post has allowed me to conjure up the nerve to ask for help. I'm afraid my career and family will be gone if this doesn't stop. My wife has put up with this ********* long enough, and I don't blame her if she leaves me tomorrow. I really could have a beautiful life but this is tearing me apart. 8 years ago I turned my life around and I'm slowly going back to which I came from. The gaming and adderall has been a sanctuary I run to in attempts to mask the pain and suffering I see on a daily basis. I definitely have ADD and sometimes it feels like ADDHD. The addiction has never effected my work because I've always separated the gaming/adderall and my work, but the relationships I've made over the years in my field have either led ruin or at best respect from a distance. I am good at what I do and have always been told that, but sometimes that's not enough. Just like a beautiful flower or plant needs tending to, my addiction has made me grow a disinterest in growing those relationships around me. What's worst is I feel my beautiful wife who has given so much and done so much, always there for me, has grown tiresome of my gaming/adderall use. Thank you for post and time in reading mine.
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