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Okay I am not sure if this is the right forum to ask. First, I have seizures and am on medication for them I have been epileptic since the age of 9 months. I talked to my psychiatrist about changing my medication, at the moment I am on Strattera 40mg.

Iknow I need something else because last semester I was all over the place and time manangement was not there at all. I become distracted very easiely and have a hard time reading the post even in the forums... I want to get to the writing something before i know what the person needs... I besome so impatient . She wont change me from my stratterra to a adderel or somthing else I know i have to be careful with my medication Tegretol and Mysoline for Epilepsy but I knwo that there has to be somthing else to help me.

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