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Lightbulb try effexor or wellbutrin

Originally Posted by auntchris
Okay I am not sure if this is the right forum to ask. First, I have seizures and am on medication for them I have been epileptic since the age of 9 months. I talked to my psychiatrist about changing my medication, at the moment I am on Strattera 40mg.
Originally Posted by auntchris

She wont change me from my stratterra to a adderel or somthing else I know i have to be careful with my medication Tegretol and Mysoline for Epilepsy but I knwo that there has to be somthing else to help me.

I feel you. my new pdoc seems to believe that the "downer" type of anti-anxiety/panic attack meds(kolonopin) I was on before , would cancel out the effects of my ADHD med(adderall xr), and vice versa.

I wouldn't have minded since I didnt like taking kolonopin anyways, except that my anxiety was worse than ever due to a car accident, house fire and catching an older neighborhood boy molesting my 4yr old son, all within 6 weeks of moving across the country. He suggested Effexor, which takes 4 wks. to work. Effrexor has been a blessing but the 4 wks of waiting was total hell, especially since I thought I would have to live one or the other (add or panic disorder), if the effexor didnt work. Neither were options I could handle.

Because adderall was making my anxiety worse, I stayed off of it for 2.5 months til the effexor was well established in my system. I did notice during that time that the effexor seemed to deminish some of my ADD symptoms.

Mundane, routine tasks were not so difficult to finish, I had more motivation to start one of those boring tasks without complete procrastination.
Check with your doctor about EFFEXOR. It increases norepinephrine reuptake which is pretty much what strattera does. Just the change may help. Wellbutrin may work too.
Good Luck!

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