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Re: What's ASPD like?

Antisocial Personality Disorder is another name for sociopath and/or psychopath.

Some researchers like Martha Stout or Russell Hare for example think that a psychopath or a sociopath are a more severe variation of ASPD.

People with ASPD have no conscience, kind of like those news stories about groups of young men mugging and robbing an old woman or the Enron scandal. They do come from all walks of life and research indicates that only 20% of people in the prison systems today are actually psychopaths/sociopaths. Most of them are normal every day people that engage in their behavior on a legal level. It is more common in men than women. I do believe that there is an ASPD member or two here, I imagine that few of them would survive very long on this site because of how callous some of them can be. Using empathy sort of allows me to see that there could be a lot of unnecessary stigma attached to those who carry that label as well. They tend to have no empathy either.

As far as social situations go with ASPD it is usually for some personal gain or a scam of some sort or else they generally have no use for people at all. That is where it ties in with Narcissism and Schizoid Personality Disorder. Narcissism is all about exploiting and using others to feed a haughty image of oneself and Schizoid Personalities generally are self-sufficient people who aren't as amoral or destructive as say a Narcissist or ASPD sufferer, yet do not see the need to deal with people, seems to me like a label for loners, but it also seems to me that society labels everything these days.

Just a quick question here? Are you thinking of Avoidant Personality Disorder??

I think Antisocial in this diagnosis implies that means 'against society' as opposed to social anxiety related.

I guess if they committed a crime and were paranoid about getting caught, because most don't feel guilty, then there may be some social anxiety issues, but they are in good control when they want to be, most of the time.

Other PD's that go along with it most are the other cluster B's, like Borderline and Narcissistic most often. There's also some issues with gender, it is often quoted that "Women are labelled 'borderline' and men are labelled 'antisocial'" Which isn't fair because society does cater to the needs of a BPD sufferer and generally throw away ASPD sufferers and neither PD is in any position to wear a halo. When the DSM-V comes out there may be more expansion of the PD's.
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