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Circumstantial, Tangential, Obsessive Thinking (& more)

(EXAMPLES): You start talking in one direction and you go off on a tangent in a totally different direction (tangential thinking) OR you go into way too much detail about what you're talking about but eventually get back to your point (circumstantial thinking).

Do any of you have problems with some of these? (I see the first 5 listed below in myself).


Here are some more types of thinking:

Circumstantial Thinking: Eventually gets to the point after talking around it.
[MY NOTE: This reminds me of "hypergraphia, except that hypergraphia is writing in extensive length rather than talking].

Tangential Thinking: Responds but the responses don't pertain to the questions.

Obsessive Thinking: Repetitive responses.

Perseveration: Focusses on a single topic.

Pressured Speech: Compelled rapid speech. [Often seen in the hypo/manic phase of bipolar disorder].

Confabulation: Generating material (lying) to replace gaps in story.

Blocking: Inability to recall things. (repression).

Delusions: False beliefs (i.e. parents trying to kill me).

Impoverished Thinking: Minimal responses.
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