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Re: Death Experience Simulation! (not for the sensitive!)

Here's a little explanation that I wrote some time ago (I did not answer this to you so don't get all flattered lol):

Humans define their existence through a self-aware point of view (SAPOV) that is unique to them. The best definition of me is a living entity showing a localized self-awareness through a point of view similar to my own. Point of view simply means to look around you, or to perceive reality through a back and forth exchange of signals memorized and compared through a same local reference. A computer is thus not self-aware despite its local reference (the processor) and intelligent response, it does not perceive its environment through signal comparison (noise as opposed to silence, light as opposed to darkness). A computer only acts as a result of an electrical signal which can come from far away and have nothing to do with the environment around the computer itself, which makes it unaware.

When I was 11 years old I had 2 major hobbies or pleasures in life. First, I liked insects a lot. I enjoyed hunting them down and collecting them in many forms. My second hobby was sky scrapers. I liked watching their size and shape while taking pictures on a Montreal island called St. Helene. I used to dream about going to locations where I never went before and seeing those sky scrapers from different angles. Back then, I perceived this as being the best thing that could happen to me: Exploring those sky scrapers from all angles.
More than 15 years later, going on St. Helene Island to take pictures of sky scrapers is the most boring, time wasting and stupid activity I could ever think of. I get nothing out of it, and I would never go there. The sky scraper kid is long gone. I have nothing in common with him. In fact, I have much more in common with most of my University of Ottawa friends than with myself 15 years back. If I was to be a kid right now, I would not make friends with myself at age 11. I would probably reject myself and make fun of me for wasting my time taking pictures of the down-town area.
So what changed? Surprisingly, the entire SAPOV changed. How is that possible? When I go to bed, am I not waking up as myself? Could I be waking up as a different person? When I was 11, I went to bed loving sky scrapers, and woke upstill loving sky scrapers. Nothing had changed, well, almost nothing. Something obviously changed, since Im not the same person now, 15 years later, but the change was so tiny that it could not be perceived on such small time scales. If I compare the time of a night when I went to bed at 11 and the time of the morning when I woke up today, I did wake up as someone else. Its like the 11 y.o. kid died and I was born as a new entity that has nothing to do with the original entity, except for major psychological traits that are a physical boundary and cannot disappear with time.
So if I entered a time machine and asked that 11 y.o. kid if he would want to be me, he would reply:
Never! I love my life and will never give up my hobbies to become someone else, I like being me!
And that would likely be the only thing we would have in common, not wanting to become each other. So basically dying is simply becoming something else, because when you are not, you become what is.
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