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Re: Heat Intolerance & Adderall ?

I recently moved to NYC where the summers are hot and humid. I also just started a new job as a nurse aide.

The sweating has been overwhelming! But I'm trying to manage as best I can.

I was already prescribed propranolol and Klonopin for anxiety, and I'm really hoping the propranolol especially can help lessen the profuse sweating. But I also have to wipe myself down in the bathroom frequently, carry a sweat rag on me, and bring extra scrubs tops to change about 3x per shift because they quickly get soaked with sweat.

I'm really going to try and go the extra mile and exercise at the gym more after or before work in hopes that simple getting into better shape/conditioning helps the sweating go down eventually.

Anybody out there had success in lowering the excess sweating caused by Adderall especially in the summer?
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