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Re: living off the government ADHD

Well, sorry if this is off-topic, and sorry if I'm totally just missing something here, but I don't see that much disagreement on THIS thread (I haven't read others on this topic, though.) It seems like the majority of posters on this thread agree that disability is a necessary option for some people, and from reading Possum and Fractured Story's stories (haha...story'sstories) I think these sound like very legitimate reasons to not be able to work (not that it's my job to evaluate that kind of thing...thank goodness!) I didn't see anyone disagreeing with that (but maybe I missed's been known to happen )

I understand the need to keep politics out of it, but at the same time, I don't think you can have a conversation about disability without considering its misuse, because it's become a huge part of the system. That to me is not a political comment. It's a fact that some people lie and cheat to get disability they don't truly need. How you want to HANDLE that is where politics comes in (IMO.) I am not frustrated BY ADHD people on disability, I'm frustrated FOR them - the entire institution has an unfair stigma attached to it and operates inefficiently at least in part because of the sheer number of applicants and the amount of background-checking that goes into accepting applications.

As far as your initial question, nevermore, I would not look to disability lightly (not that you are, necessarily.) As others have mentioned, applying for disability is a job by itself. It's a VERY involved process and isn't easy to undertake, plus it takes time to get approved. Applying for most jobs is easier, trust me! Disability comes into play if/when you are truly unable to function at a job. It is and should be a "last resort" and if you don't qualify, you'll just be wasting your time and energy. I don't know you and your abilities/disabilities well enough to know if that would prove to be true in your case.
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